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A London School of Economics alumnus initiative, Arth Centre of Excellence (ACE) is actively engaged in promoting financial literacy (jointly with RBI), providing training in finance and economics, and undertaking actionable research in the fields of development economics and finance. ACE’s vision is to simplify finance for all.

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Training + Internship + Certification: Industry-relevant and engaging training videos, reading material and articles created and designed by globally experienced finance professional with postgraduate degree in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics, UK.

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Participate in our financial literacy activities being conducted jointly with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

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We conducted a financial knowledge survey amongst more than 400 college students in India. Majority (i.e. more than 50%) of the respondents were unable to correctly answer the questions in relation to time value of money and compound interest.Read More »


Our certification programs in Finance, Economics and Accounting are self-paced and delivered online in an engaging video-based format. Enrolled students can opt to complete an internship/ live project with us as part of the course.Read More »

Students Speak

We asked students across Indian colleges about innovative ways to spread financial literacy amongst Indian women, especially amongst those belonging to vulnerable sections of the society. We received more than a hundred submissions.Read More »

Students Speak

Snapshots of students' innovative ideas

For spreading financial literacy, different board games can be developed for women belonging to different sections of the society. For example, for housewives belonging to lower income classes and/or living in villages, it can revolve around financial decisions they make such as how much ration has to be bought etc. In the game they will face various probable situations such as fall in the income of the income earner, emergency situations involving huge outflows such as marriage, illness, etc. and their reactions to the situations will determine their money holdings. This training methodology can also be used to spread awareness of the various government initiatives taken for financial empowerment of women.

VrindaStudent - Delhi School of Economics

A very interesting and effective example of spreading financial literacy amongst women was observed in Massachusetts, where two financially established women, namely Kathy Brough and Anita Saville, came up with the idea of educating homeless women under the principle of ‘women helping women’. They started an agency named ‘Budget Buddies’ where they employed a group of other financially educated women to educate others who were vulnerable and dependent…The idea of women educating women can be very effective in India, because not only would the women be able to manage their expenses and gain financial independence, they would also see their educators as role models, which would, in turn, inspire them to educate the upcoming generations.

AnjaliStudent - MKS College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

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If you are a student, you can complete and submit the NCFE Financial Knowledge Survey here.