Recorded tapes – by Vidyashree, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Mysuru

In general,  women have lower financial literacy levels than men in the world. Working women usually tend to focus on earning their living rather than knowing about money.  Women fail in the step of organizing money according to their needs. The process of handling money for them is to earn and spend on a daily basis, but they should be told to include one more step i.e., think before you spend and save some amount if possible.

‘The Reader’ is a book written by German professor and judge Bernhard Schlink which emphasizes on an illiterate woman in prison who learns to read and write by listening to the recorded tape of a book sent by a man known to her every month. The story depicts that the more one listens to the same thing, the easier it is to learn something new. No matter the age of an individual, interest to learn is all that is important.

Recorded tapes of financial literacy books can be provided to women and they can listen to them when they are free. The tape can be played more often for their better learning. This technique will make the process of gaining knowledge simpler and effective. Any initiative taken can only succeed when its value is known. Women across the country have to be told about the benefits of handling money or knowing about money.


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