Terms and Conditions

  • The programs enrolled for are non-transferable.
  • Arth Centre of Excellence reserves the rights to the course contents and all contents of the website arth-ace.com. Any reproduction of the same is illegal and liable to prosecution.
  • In all programs, the enrolled candidates agree to abide by the standard set of rules governing content privacy.
  • Arth Centre of Excellence reserves the right to refuse a candidate a seat in any of the programs.
  • Self-paced course: enrolled students will have access to the online video course content for 12 months from their date of enrollment (or course start date, whichever is later) and must complete the online assessment within 12 months from their date of enrollment (or course start date, whichever is later) in order to get the certificate of course completion.
  • Study time stated for each course is indicative and actual study time per course may vary from student to student.
  • Optional internship/ live project: enrolled students opting to complete the internship/ live project with us must complete the one-month long internship/ live project within the 12 month period from their date of enrollment (or course start date, whichever is later). Please note that the internship/ live project is unpaid.
  • Course start date: Starting date mentioned on the webpage of the course in which the student has enrolled.
  • Should any dispute arise, all contracting parties agree that the action shall be brought before the court of proper jurisdiction as determined by Arth Centre of Excellence and in no other courts.

Privacy Policy

Arth Centre of Excellence keeps information about its enrolled candidates (including email IDs, telephone numbers, payment details) confidential.